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10 Resources Your Optical Practice Needs to Prepare for Vision Expo

Posted by Janelle Pauli on Mar 30, 2016 10:00:00 AM

Getting your optical practice prepared to head out to Vision Expo East can be a busy time, and it's easy for the show to sneak up on you. Over the last few years we've pumped out a lot of articles about what it's like to attend these industry shows and different ways to get prepared. So this time around we want to give you all the advice, and a few fun resources, we possibly can to get you and your staff ready.

And if you're traveling to Vision Expo this April, come visit us in the exhibit hall at Booth #MS6842!

These 10 Articles will get Your Optical Practice Organized for Vision Expo

Should You Send Your Staff to a Tradeshow?optical practice travel

Deciding whether or not to send your staff to a tradeshow can be a tough decision for many practices. The costs involved with travel and registration can add up quickly. In this post we list a few different situations that might mean it's time to send your staff to a show this year.

Preparing for Tradeshow Success: Tips from Frames Data

Our friends at Frames Data recently put together the ultimate check list for getting you prepped for Vision Expo East. You'll get a break down of what you should be doing a month before, a week before, and during the show. 

3 Can't Miss Events at Vision Expo East 2016

There are so many fun events to choose from at Vision Expo East. We picked three of our favorites including the Vision Monday Global Summit, ODs on Facebook Party, and the OWA Champagne Breakfast. Get all the details here

How to Get a Positive ROI from Attending a Tradeshow

As we touched on earlier, it can be hard to determine the ROI of attending an industry show. So we put together 3 steps you can take so that you're prepared and can make the most of your time in order to end up with a positive ROI from attending Vision Expo. 

An OD's Guide to EHR Software Shopping at a Show

Many practices attend big industry shows so they can make purchases on equipment, frame inventory, and software. But don't go into the show blind. If you're looking to make a software purchase do some research ahead of time so that you are able to fully utilize the time on the show floor talking with vendors. 

What it's Like to Shop for EHR Software at a Tradeshow

This post is a more light-hearted story about what to expect when making big purchases at the show. 

How Going to a Tradeshow is just Like High School

When you think about it, attending a tradeshow is kind of like attending high school all over again. You sign up for a bunch of classes, get to hang out with friends, and afterwards you get to sneak out to some parties.

Infographic: Different Mindsets of a Tradeshow Attendee

Have you noticed all the different types of people at a tradeshow? You've got the scholars, the explorers, the detectives, the pillagers, and so many more. Find out what sets each of them apart.

A Playlist for Traveling to Vision Expo East

If you're traveling far for the show, you'll need a playlist to get you there. Get on Spotify and check out our playlist that will get you in the right mood for the show.  

Expectations vs. Reality of Attending a Tradeshow

This one might be my favorite. We know all too well that sometimes things don't go just as you expected. Check out this list of funny, but realistic expectations vs. realities a lot of us have at a tradeshow. 

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