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3 Reasons to Attend an Uprise Webinar

Posted by Janelle Pauli on Jul 13, 2016 2:30:00 PM

We're hosting two upcoming Uprise webinars to give everyone the chance to see Uprise in action. No matter what your role is in the practice you'll learn how Uprise will help you and every other member of the staff work together and practice more efficiently. Register for the hour long session that fits into your schedule:

Tuesday, July 26 at 11am (CT) - Register Now

Thursday, July 28 at 1pm (CT) - Register Now

3 Things You'll Learn at the Uprise Webinar4_Webinar_Attendees_Will_Win_a_50_Amazon_Gift_Card.jpg

How You Can Customize Your Workflow

You shouldn't be forced into a workflow that doesn't make sense for your practice. Uprise gives you the flexibility to customize many aspects of the system to meet your preferences, like building your own exam templates. The system also allows you to access the same information from different places within the software. For example, you can view a patient's benefits in the scheduler or from the patient profile. 

How Embedded Tools Will Help You Avoid Costly Add Ons

Uprise comes with a suite of embedded tools including frame catalogs, automated patient recall and reminders, code verification, patient education, and ePrescribing. Simply purchasing these solutions as add-ons on top of a practice management and EHR software is going to significantly add to your budget and interrupt your workflow switching between different systems. 

Getting Your Staff Trained on a New System

When making big changes in your practice it can be hard to get all of your team on board with the change. During the demo you'll see how the system will impact everyone in your practice, so you can better communicate how a new system will benefit everyone on the team in each of their roles. Plus, you'll see how intuitive and easy to use the system is and how we approach training. 

Register below and we'll see you there! 

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