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4 Costs of Running a Paper Optical Practice That You Haven't Considered

Posted by Caitlin Warnock on Apr 18, 2016 2:45:00 PM

Implementing a practice management and EHR system in your eyecare practice may seem like a big cost, but it’s an investment that will actually save you money in the long run. You might think sticking with paper is the most cost-effective way to run your practice, but you consider the benefits of an electronic system you might realize that's not the case. Keeping a paper-only optical practice comes with several major costs (not all of them monetary) that you might not have even considered.

The Real Cost of Running a Paper Practice

paperwork.files.jpgPatient Care

When you stick with paper, you are refusing to allow your patients to get more involved in their healthcare. Without access to a patient portal, it's harder for them to schedule appointments online, complete pre- and post-appointment paperwork, or access resources to help them better understand their diagnoses and treatments. On the other hand, EHR software that opens the door to more communication lines between you and your patients will only help everyone involved.


Your time management suffers when you keep a paper practice. Rather than managing your schedule, patient information, product orders, and even billing and claims with one comprehensive solution, you have to waste time answering the phone, digging through countless filing cabinets, and calling or faxing labs and insurance providers all day. You spend less time focusing on patient care and your time and your practice suffers for it.

Data Entry

How often do you have to re-enter data from one paper to another? Inaccurate data entry occurs because manual processes are prone to human error, especially when there’s multiple data entry between one area of the office to another. When you say goodbye to running a paper practice you can automatically pull data from a patient profile to the EHR to your invoicing with a few clicks of the mouse. 


When you have a paper practice, it becomes really hard to gauge what is going on with your practice. You might not have access to reporting tools to help you better understand the health of your business and determine where you might need to make changes. You could be losing money simply because you have no way to quickly and accurately check any unusual billing patterns or errors. With an optometry software, you have all that information at your fingertips.

If you start to look at practice management and EHR software as an investment in the well-being of your practice rather than just a bunch of dollar signs, you can see that the benefits of an electronic practice outweigh the inefficiencies of a paper practice.


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