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5 Optometry Software Features You Should be Loving

Posted by Janelle Pauli on Feb 10, 2016 10:00:00 AM

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, it's the perfect time to think about what you love and don't love about your practice's workflow and the optometry software you use throughout your office. While no software solution out there is perfect, there might be things about your current software that you don't realize are slowing you down or costing you extra money. 

We've got a list of software features and functionalities that we think you should be loving about your software - and if you aren't, maybe it's time for a change!

Are You Loving these Things about Your Optometry Software?

It's a comprehensive solution for your practice.optometry software

In order to make the most of your software solution, a combined practice management and EHR software is going to help you manage both the patient care and business aspects of your practice. An all in one solution is going to allow your entire office to work off the same system from scheduling to pre-exam to the exam lane to check out to billing to reports. All of your information is in one place and updated in real time. 

Embedded tools get the job done.

Not all software systems are the same, and some might require you to purchase additional third party software at an extra cost to integrate with your EHR software in order to accomplish everything you need from your software solutions. EHR software that already comes packed with tools like frame catalogs, patient recall, ePrescribing, patient education, and code verification help you avoid extra costs and timely integrations. 

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Cloud-based for more accessibility.

Cloud-based software is going to make your system and data more accessible by allowing you the freedom to choose your devices and access your system from anywhere with an Internet connection. On top of greater accessibility, the cloud makes software updates a breeze, and let's you forget about things like server maintenance, IT costs, and hardware expenses. You software vendor will take on the brunt of managing and securing your software so that you don't have to. 

A workflow that fits with your practice.

A lot of software systems out there are out of date and force you into a workflow that just doesn't make sense. Your system should be flexible and customizable to the unique way that your practice works. The entire idea of practice management and EHR software is to streamline your workflow to consolidate a variety of processes, whether those processes are currently being done manually, or by using several different electronic services. 

Support you can count on.

When the going gets tough, you want a vendor you can count on. A support team with years of experience is going to help you get through the early days of adjusting to new software in your practice. Chances are, you'll hit a few bumps in the road and have a few questions along the way, so the ability to easily reach out to a responsive support team who has your back (and comes at no extra cost), is a great resource for you and your staff. 

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