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7 Optometry Blog Articles Our Readers are Obsessed with This Year

Posted by Janelle Pauli on Jul 30, 2016 11:00:00 AM

If you only want to read up on the optometry blog articles that have been our most read this year, these are the blogs to check out for the best tips and advice.

A Quick List of Our Must-Read Optometry Blog Articles from 2016

Optical Marketing Tip: Design Trends to Focus On in 2016

Marketing your practice is a big part of building new business and staying ahead of your competition, but if your brand, collateral, and messaging are lacking in eye catching design they might not be making as big of an impact as you want them to. And really, you might not have the expertise or budget to hire a designer for your marketing needs. Read up on these design trends to implement modern design into your marketing.

Increasing Optical Practice Profits in 2016blogging.png

Almost every eyecare practice shares the goal of increasing profits year over year, and the basics of increasing profits include attracting new patients and selling more products. Measuring your new patient growth rate and optical capture rate are two ways to constantly keep an eye on reaching your goal. This post reviews the formulas for these benchmarks along with tips for better performance on both.

6 Things You Should and Shouldn't be Doing on Social Media

Making the most of your social media pages can be a tricky game. It can take a lot of experimenting to figure out what your followers like and don't like seeing from your business page. We put together a list of do's and don'ts of what generally works on social media, but we know your practice and audience is unique. See if these trends prove true for your practice.

5 Optometry Software Features You Should be Loving

Do you love your current practice management and EHR system? No system out there is perfect, and there will probably always be some functionality that you wish you had. But what are the features of your system that really do make life easier in your practice? We've got a list of 5 that we think are really important.

How to Prep for Interviews in Your Practice

If employee turnover is common in your eyecare practice, you're probably spending a lot of time interviewing candidates. Maybe your hiring process is one of the causes of your high turnover. This is a list of 8 steps you should be taking before you interview someone to join your team. The right hiring process could lead to better candidates and longer employee retention. 

10 Pieces of Practice Management Advice When Opening Cold

Opening your own practice is a huge and overwhelming decision, and if you have made that decision you've probably already sought out advice and guidance from your mentors and industry experts. We've compiled some of the best advice we've heard in the industry about advice for anyone looking to open up a practice from scratch.

5 Optometry Software Tricks that Will Save Your Staff Time

Time is a precious commodity in a busy eyecare practice. Not just for you as an OD, but for the rest of your staff too. There are some software features and tricks that you and your team should be taking advantage of in order to save everyone time in your workflow. Check out our list of software tools that will help your entire team be more flexible throughout the day.


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