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8 Reasons Your Optical Practice Staff will Love Attending Virtual CE

Posted by Janelle Pauli on Jan 4, 2016 11:30:00 AM

Staying on top of your continuing education is all a part of the job in an optical practice. So why not knock out your credits this year by participating in CEwire2016? CEwire2016 is a virtual CE conference put on by ODwire.org - the largest community of ECPs. You can participate by attending live on January 16th and 17th, 2016 from 11am to 7 pm (ET), or by watching sessions on demand at your own pace until May 1st, 2016.

If you've never participated in a virtual conference before you might have a few questions. Check out these reasons why we think a virtual conference is better than attending a show or CE in real life, and get some of your questions answered!

8 Reasons Your Optical Practice will Think a Virtual Conference is Better than Real Life

You can attend in your pajamas.

virtual optical conference

Wouldn't you rather attend CE classes in your pajamas than getting dressed up for the day? I know I would! That's the bright side of a virtual conference - it's all done online!

No awkward run ins with industry acquaintances.

optometry conference

Whether you bump into someone who remembers you, but you can't put a name to their face, or you're being hounded on the tradeshow floor by all the vendors - you won't have to worry about those run ins when attending a vitural conference.

You can hit pause on the speaker.

optical industry

Sometimes you just need a chance to rewind what a speaker just said. In real life that can be hard without slowing down the entire class, but in a virtual setting it's easy to hit pause or rewind.

You can spread out classes over time.

continuing education in optical

Instead of getting burned out attending class after class, you can watch classes on demand through May 1st whenever you want!

You can rest your feet.


Shows and conferences are exhausting for everyone, and it can be a full body work out getting around the show floor, from class to class.

You aren't subjected to bad conference center food.

virtual optical tradeshow

It can be hard enough to sit through a full day of classes, only to find that the only food options near by is the convention center food court serving chicken nuggets and pizza.

It's cheap!

optometry conference

Depending on the shows and CE courses you attend, it can really start to add up if you're including things like airfare, hotels, and food expenses. CEwire2016 can cost your entire office less than $300. Visit the registration page for more details. Plus, profits from the event are being distributed to The American Optometric Foundation and VOSH International.

You can still ask questions.

optometry conference

If you attend the conference on the live days you'll be able to ask questions during the sessions, and get in touch with industry vendors at the virtual booths.


Don't miss out on CEwire2016 and register today!

Register Now!

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