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Best Ways To Unwind From Your Optometric Practice

Posted by Jeff Rezabek on Jan 24, 2018 3:08:00 PM

Running a successful optometric practice takes a lot of time and dedication to ensure your patients are being taken care of and your practice is profitable. Whether your practice runs like a well-oiled machine, or you had difficult patient after difficult patient, there are going to be days where the stress of running a practice can be overwhelming.

Below are tips to help you unwind after a stressful day.

4 Tips To Help You Unwind and Destress

Declutter Your MindDiscover the best ways to reduce stress and unwind from your optometric practice.

After a long day, you probably have a million thoughts running through your head. However, stress and a cluttered mind can affect your decision-making process. Setting some time aside to practice some quick meditation techniques will help you regroup, focus, destress, and unplug from work.

Try some of these meditation techniques.

Another way to declutter your mind is to keep a daily journal to help you reflect on your day and put your thoughts down on paper.


Making time to go to the gym just adds to your busy schedule, but as soon as you get there and start moving, you usually feel the stress-reducing benefits. All you need to begin the anti-anxiety effects is about 5 minutes of aerobic exercise.

Examples of aerobic exercise include:

  • Walking
  • Running
  • Cycling
  • Rowing
  • Boxing
  • Swimming

And while yoga isn’t considered an aerobic exercise, it is an activity that has been used for physical and mental relaxation.

Turn-off Electronics

Do you find yourself logging into your cloud-based EHR after you leave the office to continue working? While it’s nice to be able to access your patient records from anywhere with an internet connection, spending too much time in front of electronics can be harmful.

To avoid some of the stress-inducing effects of too much screen-time, set an alarm that notifies you to shut down electronics a few hours before bed.

Have A Glass Of Wine

According to one study, red wine contains resveratrol, which initiates a stress response. However, one article notes that while drinking wine can have a calming effect, drinking too much can affect sleep. So, if you go this route, drink responsibly.

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