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3 Features to Improve Your Optometric Practice Management Software

Posted by Janelle Pauli on Aug 21, 2013 9:30:00 AM

Everyone has their gripes about different software and technology. And every doctor and eyecare practice definitely has their own preferences when it comes to optometric practice management software. But we'’ve found three features that we believe would enhance your user experience with your practice management system.

Improve Your Optometric Practice Management Software With These 3 Features

Greater Mobility: Taking You From Your Practice to Your Home

optometric practice management softwareThese days technology can give you and your staff the ability to access your practice management system from outside your office, by simply logging into a URL online. Perhaps you'’re the on-call OD for the weekend and need to check on a patient file. Now you can do this without leaving your home.

Greater mobility inside your office walls is also becoming more available. ODs now have the option of using tablets in their practice that they can carry from room to room. Some practice management systems require a heavy installation process on every device that needs to access the system. But with the latest technologies doctors have the ability to log into the system through an online connection from a variety of devices. This mobility along with a user-friendly interface can help lead to quicker and more efficient visits for patients, allowing you to see more patients in one day.

An Intuitive Interface: Guiding You Through the Exam Room Faster

With a little research from the 2010 Physician Practice Technology Survey, we saw that 55.8% of Doctors who responded wished that their current management system had a more intuitive interface. Some of the major concerns of their current systems were:

  • Inability to customize the exam to look like paper charts
  • Unable to customize reports
  • Limited note-taking space
  • Scheduler is too small
  • Lack of equipment integrations
  • Customizability of workflow screens

As modern design has become more prominent in the optical industry there are now systems that have been created with design in mind. Simple designs help limit the amount of clicks spent between scheduling, diagnosis, treatment, coding, and billing. Another benefit of a modern interface is the ability for it to perform well with easy-to-use features across all devices, including iPads.

Faster Go-Live: Less Setup Getting Your Practice Started Quicker

The installation process of any new system is going to require a lot of learning. So hopefully you can get your new system up and running as quickly as possible in order to get the training process started for your staff (and with an intuitive interface your training time will be shorter)!

Also, with new technology, like cloud-based systems, there is no hardware to buy or install on your devices making it more affordable with a less time-consuming setup process. And if you decide to add more computers or tablets to the office there is no need to purchase new software to install on additional devices. The ability to get started with your new system more quickly will result in your practice becoming more proficient with the system and the benefits will be seen sooner!

Along with the quicker setup, updates to your system are made automatically and happen on-the-go. No need to purchase the latest update for your system, it happens automatically at no cost!

Optometric practice management software is a great addition for any practice. Just make sure that you'’re getting the most out of your system, and that you'’re aware of all the different options available!

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