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Meet Your Sales Team | Practice Management System for Optometrists

Posted by Janelle Pauli on Sep 4, 2013 9:44:00 AM
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Now that you've had a chance to learn what Uprise has to offer as a practice management system for optometrists, it's time to put a face to some of the names of people you may have been talking to! We've put together a quick run-down of what you should know about our sales team. We think it's important to know who you're working with! 

Meet the Practice Management System for Optometrists Experts!

Nazanine Parent, Sales Manager

practice management system for optometristsSchool: Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing from McGill University

Industry Experience: Nazanine has been a part of the eyecare industry since her childhood as her family worked in the industry and managed an eyecare practice. In her years of working in EHR sales she has maintained comprehensive product knowledge, and has an inherent ability to establish rapport with key players and consistent sales strategies. Nazanine has also been responsible for sales training, employee development, and mentoring.

If you had a magical wand, what's one thing you would change about the eyecare industry?

Thankfully, with the help of meaningful use incentives, more optometrists are adopting EHRs and the industry is starting to become consistent in focusing on quality patient care. I would love to get all doctors onboard with a practice management and EHR system that allows them to see how efficient it can really be for their practice, as well as help communications with their patients. It would surprise many that price is not the #1 factor for ODs in choosing an EHR system. Instead, ease-of-use and functionality tend to be top of mind!

What are you most excited about in the upcoming year with VisionWeb and Uprise?

Since our launch at Optometry's Meeting in June, demand for Uprise has been great! I'm truly excited to see the system in use and to gain feedback from users. We are going to change the way ODs perceive EHRs and I'm happy to be part of the journey!

Steve Sunder, Director of Sales - Provider Channels

Practice_Management_System_for_OptometristsSchool: Bachelor of Science in Management and Associate of Science in Management from Park University, Parkville, MO. Associate of Applied Science Degree in Ophthalmic Dispensing from Pima Community College, Tucson, AZ.

Industry Experience: Steve has been in the eyecare industry for over 30 years holding positions from Dispensing Optician, Senior Executive of a primary eye care group, and Vice President of Sales. Having the experience from working and running a large optometric group to selling practice management and EHR systems, Steve understands the pain points and can speak directly to the why and how cloud-based services are a solution to practice needs.

How is cloud-based technology beneficial to the eyecare industry?

Having been in the industry for many years, I've observed the evolution of the eyecare industry. With VisionWeb, we are the industry's most experienced provider of true, cloud-based services with nearly 17,000 eyecare practices utilizing VisionWeb's cloud services. Today's cloud technology lets ECPs enjoy access to their clinics practice management and EHR systems from any device with an Internet connection. Cloud services give real time updates and data backup, reduced hardward acquisition costs, and overall improved practice efficiencies.

What differentiates between a true cloud-based system from a traditional, client server system?

The differences are significant both from a cost and IT management standpoint. Cloud-based (Saas) models provide immediate access for the doctor to log into their practice management and EHR system from any device with an Internet connection. All system updates are done for them automatically with data backup. Expensive server costs are eliminated in addition to IT networking and infrastructure maintenance costs.

System stability and predictability are also in favor of SaaS models over client server systems. Cloud-based systems also don't have system downtime for updates and upgrades as client servers typically do. Doctors and staff can now use any computer or tablet to access the system which is not always the case with client server systems.

Ron Koivisto, Sales ManagerRon Koivisto

School: Bachelor of Science in Mathematics at Eastern Oregon University. Masters in Counseling at Western Oregon University.

Industry Experience: Ron has over 25 years of sales experience in the optical industry. Being in the industry during a shift in technology, Ron has the knowledge and insights of how technology and software play a role in modern eyecare practices.

What's the best way for ODs to get started when shopping for new practice management and EHR software?

First, ODs need to understand their practice needs and where their current system is lacking. Or, if they are new to practice management and EHR software, what functions do they need from a software that will have the greatest impact on their practice? Next, ODs need to evaluate their staff's level of skill and overall attitude to change. From there, the OD should be ready to start looking at the different software systems out there, while keeping their staff involved in the process.

What do you think 2015 has in store for the eyecare industry?

The transition of ICD-10 coding and the impact that it will have not only in the doctor's functionality, but in the entire practice. This will also greatly affect application software. It will be a challenge for legacy systems to integrate the extensive documentation needs within the existing system in order to keep up with the changes! 


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