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The Intelligent Office by Vision Monday | Optometry Office Software

Posted by Sharon Chin on Sep 11, 2013 9:00:00 AM

The Intelligent Office is a brand new microsite from Vision Monday that features articles about different ways eye care providers are utilizing the newest technologies in their practice. Learn about the latest industry trends and how optometry office software, electronic health records, mobile devices, and social media play a part in today’'s practices.

Learn about Optometry Office Software from The Intelligent Office

The site focuses on 5 main aspects of a practice: waiting room, exam lane, dispensary, practice systems, and outside the office.

Optometry office software

Waiting Room: Make sure that your patients are in the waiting room for the shortest time possible! Read articles about cloud computing, instrument integration, and other tips to see how it can help you achieve a more efficient workflow.   

Exam Lane: ODs can catch up on the latest issues regarding EHRs, diagnostic instruments, and eye health while receiving tips on patient consultations and prescriptions.  

Dispensary: Explore multi-functional dispensing systems that connect you to labs and help you manage inventory.

Practice Systems: Get information about staff training and see how you can help your staff with ordering and claim filing processes. Practice management systems can definitely help with streamlining these processes!

Outside the Office: Learn about the importance of a patient portal and see how you can share information and connect with your patients through mobile platforms and social media.

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Find out how new technologies are transforming eyecare practices and see how you can turn yours into an Intelligent Office! 

Intelligent Office of Optometry

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