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Cloud Computing in Optical Explained By Infographics

Posted by Kate Nabinger on Jun 16, 2014 10:00:00 AM

When you discuss a complicated topic, sometimes it helps to get an alternative perspective. We’ve been talking about cloud computing in optical a lot lately, but it’s time to bring in some other resources to give additional insight and support in explaining the cloud. Because they are so clear and concise, infographics are the channel through which we are going to explore the cloud!

Cloud Computing in Optical:
What Exactly is The Cloud?

Cloud Computing

Via: What is Cloud Computing

Can’t Get Enough of Cloud Technology?

We have also compiled a short list of some of the best cloud computing infographics on the web. Take some time to check these out!

  • Consider a world where everyone is in “sync,” and can easily work together. The cloud enables you to access your data from anywhere, and will automatically update the most recent data right to the fingertips of those with access.
  • Not only is cloud computing the clear choice when deciding where to host your software, it is also proving to be a green alternative to data storage. This means you can be green while saving green.
  • The cloud is growing quickly in size, with so many more documents being added daily!
  • Surveys have shown that cloud computing is viewed in a highly positive light and that more money is being invested into the cloud as time goes on.    
  • Using cloud technology can benefit your business in a variety of ways.

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Cloud Computing in Eyecare

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