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Do You Really Need to Visit Your Local Optical Practice?

Posted by Megan Ludzenski on May 25, 2015 10:30:00 AM

As an OD, we don’t have to tell you the importance of what you do, but sometimes it seems like your patients lose sight of the importance of their own eye health. Whether it is because they feel they are too busy, or they simply haven't noticed a change in their vision, there are multiple reasons why a patient might forgo their annual exam at your optical practice.

That is why it is important to educate your patients on the importance of getting their eyes checked yearly to benefit their overall health, not just their vision. We've created a patient focused article that takes a sarcastic approach to explaining why it is necessary for patients to visit your practice. We hope you find it entertaining and we encourage you to share it with your patients across your social media platforms!

7 Reasons You Should Skip Your Appointment with Your Local Optical Practice

Maybe you've heard that it is important for both your eye health and your overall health to see an optometrist for a comprehensive exam on a yearly basis, but is it really necessary? We've come up with a couple reasons why you should actually avoid going to your eye doctor. 

1. You already Know You have 20/20 Vision Anyways

If you have 20/20 vision, you’re basically set for life! Your eye sight certainly won’t change over time as you get older, and your vision has absolutely nothing to do with your overall health.
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2. There is No Value in Preventative Care

When you go in for a comprehensive eye exam, you generally have to get your eyes dilated (yuck!), this allows for your optometrist to see the back of your retina where early signs of things like high blood pressure and diabetes show up, before you ever start having significant symptoms. But why would you want to hassle with treatment for those conditions early on? That just seems like more work, we think it is best to wait until the big symptoms start before you even think about seeing a doctor.

3. Your Kids are Learning just Fine in School

Perhaps you’ve heard that it is important for children to go to the eye doctor because vision problems are closely linked to the learning process and it is important for normal development, but dragging your kids to the doctor and asking them to sit still for an exam is way too much work. It is basically just torture for both you and your child, so it’s best to just avoid it and cross your fingers they can read the white board.
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4. A Vision Screening is Good Enough

Basic vision screenings done by other physicians and school nurses are sufficient enough. They are faster, and don’t bother going as in-depth as a comprehensive exam. Sure, these individuals are likely to miss important vision problems that a trained OD would catch, but at least you don’t have to waste your time scheduling another appointment. 

5. You Spent a Bunch of Money on Lasik

If you’ve gotten corrective eye surgery, you shouldn’t have to worry about your vision for the rest of your life, right? Don’t listen to those who tell you that you are at higher risk for retinal detachment; that is no reason to make a yearly appointment with your OD to make sure everything is looking good.
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6. Your Eyes Don't Change Over Time

Your vision should remain consistent your entire life, and even if they were to change, you would notice it. It is not like your eyes have gradual change overtime that can go unnoticed…

7. Comfort is Overrated

Sure, living your life with outdated prescriptions can be uncomfortable, but you often don’t even realize it until you get your updated prescription and see the change. You can’t miss what you don’t have: Ignorance is bliss!

Hopefully reading this has informed you how important is really is to schedule a yearly appointment with your OD to maintain your overall health. Remember that you only get one pair of eyes and it is important to keep them healthy. If you haven’t scheduled your yearly exam, contact your local optical practice today!

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