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6 Realities of Owning a Practice and Choosing Optical Software [GIFS]

Posted by Kate Nabinger on Jul 14, 2014 10:00:00 AM
This month we've been giving props out to independent practices. But we realize that sometimes, being the one in charge isn't all it is cracked up to be. For everyone who has opened or owned their own practice, you know that the expectations you initially have for your practice are usually far from reality-- especially in the first few weeks. Let's separate the fact from fiction and talk about the realities of owning your own practice and having to make all of the right decisions, including choosing the right optical software.


The Realities of Owning Your Own Practice and Choosing the Right Optical Software

Expectation: You get to be in charge.


Reality: Investors might have a better grip on your practice than you.

Optical Software


Expectation: Everyday you will feel the same drive and motivation that first led you to opening an independant practice. 


 Reality: Some days will be worse than others.

Optical Software

Expectation: All of your patients will love you.

Optical Software

Reality: It is impossible to please everyone. You will have to deal with at least one angry person every day.

Optical Software

Expectation: You get to make your own hours, which will give you some much needed “me” time.

Optical Software

Reality: You’ll probably work longer and harder than anyone else.

Optical Software

 Expectation: As long as you budget well, you can afford it all.

Optical Software

Reality: Unexpected costs will eat you alive if you’re not careful.

Optical Software

Expectation: You hire people you see as focused and hardworking, that want to work with you.

Optical Software

Reality: You realize how unmotivated some of them can be.

Optical Software

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