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Files on Fire: A Playlist for Moving Paper Files to EHR Software

Posted by Kate Nabinger on Sep 27, 2014 10:00:00 AM

When you adopt EHR software in your office, you no longer need all of those massive stacks of paper files scattered throughout your office. Last week, we had a blog post that touched on the different ways you can archive your paper files into digital forms, so you can make our office less of a fire hazard.

In the spirit of getting rid of your personal fire starter kit, we thought it would be fun to provide you with a playlist to listen to while scanning all of your paper records so that you can make the switch to EHR software!

Files on Fire: A Playlist for Transitioning Your Paper Files to EHR Software

Fire Starter – Demi Lovato                                       

“I'm a fire starter; make your blood run faster.”  Thinking about how nice and clean your office will be after you get rid of all the paper clutter should get you excited! Don’t be afraid to take the next step and upgrade to EHR software.

Girl on Fire – Alicia Keys

“We got our feet on the ground, and we're burning it down.” Getting your office caught up technologically will really help you feel grounded and ready to take on all the new patients you will have time for after the switch. “Got our head in the clouds-- and we're not coming down!” You know that adopting a cloud-based EHR solution is the way to go, since you can access your system from anywhere with an Internet connection, you will never want to go back to the way you have it now.

Things We Lost in the Fire – Bastille

“These are the things, the things we lost.”  In an office, it is not rare for things to get mixed up, lost, or go missing. Usually, it is no big deal, but when you are dealing with secure patient information, you want to make sure it does not end up floating around in your office. Using an EHR will change the “things we'll never see again” into things you never lost in the first place.

Ring of Fire – Johnny Cash

“I fell into a burning ring of fire, I went down, down, down as the flames went higher.”  The longer you wait to switch form paper records to and EHR solution, the more you will owe in penalties from the Meaningful Use Incentive Program, and the harder it will be to make the transition. Do not procrastinate! Get started on your change management plan today so that you can avoid as many penalties as possible.  

EHR systemsWe Didn’t Start The Fire – Billy Joel

“We didn't start the fire, it was always burning, since the world's been turning!”  The government may have started the Meaningful Use Incentive Program, but it has been a long time coming and will have a significant impact (even more so than it already has) over the next few years. So making the switch to electronic records is more important now than it's ever been!

World on Fire – Sarah McLachlan

“The world's on fire and, it's more than I can handle.”  Change management can be difficult, and, at times, overwhelming, but you can do it! We have an eBook with your name on it, ready to help you through the process of switching your practice to a new EHR.

Set Fire to the Rain – Adele

“Let it burn, let it burn.” Metaphorically, of course, because any documents with secure information should be disposed of properly, but clean out your office! After the back-up process has been completed, there is no reason to have all of those mini bonfire stacks around your office.

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