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Get a Look at Our Latest Webinar: Managing Care with EHR Software

Posted by Janelle Pauli on Sep 10, 2016 11:00:00 AM

Dr. Ian Lane has just wrapped up his four week webinar series about Documenting and Managing Patient Care in Four Unique Cases using EHR Software. In case you missed out on the series, we wanted you to have the opportunity to check out the webinar when you have some free time.

In this case, from the third week of the series, Dr. Lane goes over a patient encounter with "Mavis" - a 75 year old patient who presents with clouding vision in both eyes that has been getting worse over the last sixth months. Dr. Lane demonstrates the advantages of using an EHR to document and communicate between co-managing cataract care teams both pre and post op, all while staying on schedule with the patient. 

3 Ways EHR Software Enhances Patient Care

Quickly Identify and Review Patient InfoEHR Software webinar

EHR software that allows you to upload a patient photo will help you better remember each patient to make visits more personal when they step into your office. But, it's not just about a simple photo. Complete patient profiles within the software make it quick and easy for you and your team to review a patient's past history and appointments. You won't have to struggle trying to decipher handwriting from previous visits, as all information is recorded fully in the EHR system.

Patients Gain Quick Access to Their Info

Your patients are going to be smiling more with the benefits they receive from their patient portal. Patient portals allow them to fill out pre-appointment paperwork before they come into your office for their appointment. That means less time in the waiting room for them, and less time entering data for you. The best EHRs will make it easy with one click to pull data from the patient portal into the EHR. Plus, you'll have an easy and secure way to send your patients important information following their appointment, like treatment instructions and educational materials. 

Efficient Development of Treatment and Referral Plan

Entering information during the physical exam should be easier with an EHR, not harder. Tools built into the system should auto-populate fields based on specific entries made during the exam. Things like diagnosis, treatment, orders, special testing, and patient education should be generated for you based on best practices.

See how it all works in action by watching Dr. Lane's on-demand webinar!

Watch the Webinar

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