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How A Dress Code Can Benefit Your Optometric Practice

Posted by Jeff Rezabek on Oct 25, 2017 3:43:00 PM

Individuals with various backgrounds and style preferences may staff your optometric practice. While these unique differences strengthen the bonds in your practice, the way your staff members dress may be sending the wrong message to your patients.

Below are some tips on how implementing a dress code could benefit your practice, your patients, and your staff.

Benefits Of A Dress Code In Your Optometric Practice

Builds Brand FamiliarityIs it time to implement a dress code in your optometric practice? Learn how it can benefit your practice.

Consistent branding is an important practice for your marketing strategy. Without knowing it, a consistent dress code for you and your employees can be a part of your brand.

Have you ever been to a retail store where you know if you need help, you can look for someone wearing a certain colored shirt?

Whether your dress code is as strict as a monochromatic uniform, implementing a dress code will help your patients identify the people who work at your practice and will give them a sense of familiarity if the staff member is new to the practice or the patient.

Prevents Potential Problems

Everyone has a different opinion on what's offensive and what's not. Having an established dress code prevents employees from accidentally wearing inappropriate clothing that would either be a safety concern or offend your other staff members or patients in your practice.

Creates Boundaries

Having an effective work/life balance comes down to setting boundaries so you don’t burn out and can continue to provide exceptional care to your patients. Issuing a dress code that you and your staff have to abide by will create a work boundary that will put your staff in the working mindset to increase focus and performance.

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