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How to Document a Contact Lens Fitting with EHR Software | Webinar Recap

Posted by Jeff Rezabek on Aug 27, 2016 10:30:00 AM

Discover how EHR software can help you document a contact lens fittingLast week, Dr. Ian Lane kicked-off the first session in our EHR Coaching Webinar Series with a walk through of an optical exam scenario of a teenager visiting an eyecare professional for a first-time contact lens fitting. In this scenario, Dr. Lane demonstrated how you can use an EHR software to enhance patient care during the contact lens fitting exam. Below are some of the highlights of the webinar.

3 Highlights of How to Document a Contact Lens Fitting using EHR Software

  1. Copy refraction data to contact lens prescription trial fitting
    To cut down on repetitive data entry, you can use your EHR solution to quickly copy your patient’s refraction data to the contact trial fitting fields. When you select the contact lens brand and style, the EHR solution updates the fields with product specific data and options to reduce errors.

  2. Update of patient’s health summary automatically
    To make sure everything was recorded correctly, your EHR solution can populate the patient’s health record with updated contact lens prescription and information on the acuities, as well as document any new allergies entered and their severity.

  3. Share helpful educational material with patients
    Getting contacts for the first time can be challenging for many patients. Your EHR software can generate patient education materials that you can share with your patient in the office, or send through the patient portal for them to view at home. And, in this case, video material on putting contacts in for the first time could be really helpful to the patient.

If you missed the webinar on How to Document Contact Lens Fittings and Provide Follow-up Care Using an EHR, don’t worryYou can watch the recording here!

Watch the Replay

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