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HR Practice Management Pack [Free Templates]

Posted by Sharon Chin on Aug 15, 2015 10:30:00 AM

HR_Practice_Management_Pack_downloadRunning a practice is overwhelming business! On top of perfecting your workflow, there’s also the financial aspect of the practice to take care of. But instead of just thinking about your patients and revenue, you should also think about staff management. After all, they are the people who help keep your business running. HR is a big part of staff management but most practices don’t have the luxury of having a HR department.

That’s why, in this blog post, we show you 5 essential HR documents you should have in your practice. The best part of this post is the freebie we’re giving away! We’ve bundled up a downloadable HR document pack that includes both customizable and PDF versions of the HR templates mentioned in this post. Find out what your HR document pack includes!

5 HR Practice Management Documents to Have in Your Practice

Time Sheet

HR_Practice_Management_PackA time sheet is good for tracking your staff’s schedules and it is especially useful if you pay your staff by the hour. In our template, you’ll find a tab on the bottom of the excel sheet for each week of the month so that you can keep track of all their hours in one spot.

Leave Request Form

Do you have a policy in place to ensure that leave and vacation days are consistent and fair for all your staff members? Make all vacation, sick day, time off, and holiday policies clear to your staff. Use the template as a standard process to request days off and make sure you include a recording system to help you keep track of everybody's remaining days off.

Reimbursement Sheets

How does your office keep track of expenses paid by your staff? Miscellaneous expenses like lunch treats, office supplies, and gift cards may be a small amount, but they should be tracked and reimbursed to staff members who had to pay for it out-of-pocket at the time of purchase. Have your staff fill out this simple expense sheet and make sure to include their reimbursement by the next payroll.

Employee Grievance Form

Employee grievances are a serious matter and should be treated with quick action. It should also be well documented to make sure that both management and the staff member can mutually agree on a solution to fix the problem. The template provides two parts of the form: one for the staff member to explain the situation, and the other for management to follow up on the issue to make sure that it is resolved.

Labor Law Posters

As an employer, federal and state laws require you to clearly display official labor and employment posters detailing federal and applicable state labor laws. These posters are provided to employers at no cost. Check out this table to see which posters are required to be displayed in your practice.

Download your HR document pack to receive customizable and PDF templates of the forms mentioned in this blog post!

Download HR Templates

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