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Is Innovation Dead In The Eye Care Industry?

Posted by Denise Deverelle Crown on Sep 27, 2017, 3:30:00 PM

I love a field trip. Going to visit optometric practices is the best part of my job.

Several weeks ago, a coworker and I were lucky enough to spend two days with Dr. Kim Castleberry and his wonderful team at Plano Eye Associates. We love speaking with Dr. Castleberry because he is so excited about leveraging technology for competitive advantages. His practice is packed with patients from open to close, so his investments in technology are keeping his patients happy too.

This post reveals how Dr. Castleberry is adopting and driving innovation in the eye care industry.

How Telemedicine Is Advancing Innovation In The Eye Care Industry

How telemedicine is advancing innovation in the eye care industryFor some ODs, adding new technology to an optometric practice can be met with resistance and uncertainty. But, for Dr. Castleberry, he welcomes the opportunity to use new technology to advance his practice and the level of care he delivers to his patient’s.  A perfect example of his enthusiasm for technology is his new telemedicine offering.

It’s so simple, patient-friendly, and affordable. If you are a patient of the practice, you can snap a picture of your eye condition with your cell phone, upload it with your questions through a secure portal on their website, and you’ll get a response back from your doctor. The doctor can even send any necessary prescriptions to your pharmacy. If you need to come in for a better look, they’ll make you an appointment.

This option is ideal for busy people with minor eye conditions, children, those with mobility issues, and patients that live far from the practice. As a patient, I would really appreciate having access to a service like this.

Telemedicine is also great for the practice. In the event you have a no-show, or the schedule did not fill up, you can attend to these cases for your patients.

Next time you attend a show, make sure you set aside time to see what’s new. You’ll be amazed at the technology you can deploy in your practice that your patients will love.

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