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Is Now the Right Time to Make an Optometry Software Switch?

Posted by Janelle Pauli on Feb 22, 2016 10:30:00 AM
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Making a big change in your eyecare practice isn't a decision you make over night. Something big, like a software change, can have a lot of implecations on your practice, so making the decision usually comes after a build up of complaints or inefficiencies with your current system or processes. We have found a few different reasons that it might be time to make a software change in your practice. If you're suffering from one or more of these problems in your practice, now could be the right time to start evaluating new optometry software options!

Should Your Practice Make an Optometry Software Change?

Your System is Out of DateiStock_000013834027Small.jpg

Your software could be outdated in a few ways. If you've been using the same system in your office for as long as you can remember, you might not be aware of the new and more modern software options out there. Or, you might be stuck on a client-server system where software updates are infrequent and require extra work and money in order to get them up and running in your practice. The truth is, technology is evolving every day, and so should your practice.

You are Paying Someone to Manage Your IT Needs

As an Optometrist, software management and security likely isn't your specialty. And if you have a server in your practice, it requires expertise in order to manage and secure your practice's information. If that's the case, you're probably outsourcing your IT needs in order to keep your practice secure.

Cloud-based software systems take the IT headaches off your shoulders. Cloud vendors take on the brunt of managing and securing your system so that you can focus on the things you enjoy, like patient care. Software vendors have the knowledge and resources to keep your information as safe as it can be.

Your Staff is Complaining about Your Workflow

The whole point of using software in your eyecare practice is to make daily tasks easier on your staff, and to keep your workflow running smoothly. If your staff is grumbling about wasting time, extra clicks, and overall inefficiency in your practice - your optometry software probably isn't doing it's job.

If your system is outdated, you're spending too much on IT management, or your struggling with your workflow, now might be the perfect time to make a software change. Making a switch is a big decision for your practice, so make sure you're prepared to dive into the buying process

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