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It’s Time For Smart EHR Software

Posted by Denise Deverelle Crown on Sep 25, 2017 3:23:00 PM

These days, most optometrists use EHR software. In fact, 80% of the market has one. Initially, an EHR attempted to replace paper, and that was a great help to make data easily searchable, and reduce the physical area paper files take up. Optomaps and other devices that allow your practice to generate revenue have replaced the bank of filing cabinets.

Despite all the modernization in recent years, many ODs complain that their EHR is no more efficient, or even less efficient, than a paper document, and that’s a big problem when ODs are service providers whose time is literally money, and whose livelihood could be audited at any time.

Does Your Practice Need Smart EHR Software?

Why Legacy Solutions No Longer WorkDoes your optometric practice need a smart EHR software?

In the past, optometric practices initially adopted EHR software in an attempt to replace paper. However, as the industry adapted and new regulations were introduced, very few solutions improved the functionality and features that ODs needed to do their job effectively.

Do these complaints sound familiar?

  • Too many clicks
  • Too much scrolling
  • I enter the same piece of data three or four times
  • It looks like a spreadsheet
  • I have my back to the patient
  • It seems like I should have better reporting from entering all this
  • It takes my staff too long to do simple tasks because of our EHR
  • My patients comment my system looks “primitive”

Enter Uprise, the Smart EHR. The next generation of data capture for optometry.

What Is A Smart EHR?

A smart EHR leverages your patient’s chief complaint and severity to speed you through documentation, patient education, and treatment plans. Just a few taps and you’ve finished exam documentation and met requirements for compliance. Now you can really focus on your patient.

In the background, the data you entered is ready for the next task in the workflow.

It’s a true productivity tool for your practice and keeps your team on the same page on the status of every patient in the office.

When looking for a new EHR, ask yourself if the product you’re looking at is smart, or just another software that makes more work for you.

Here are some characteristics of a smart EHR:

  • A smart EHR checks your coding before you submit an insurance claim thereby reducing your rejection rate and flags potential audit risk
  • A smart EHR talks to the national health network to alert you to potential contraindications
  • A smart EHR processes the recall before the patient leaves the office
  • A smart EHR is intuitive to learn and use
  • A smart EHR makes running your practice easier

The most important reason though, is better patient care can be achieved in the most efficient way possible. You can provide great care to more patients without working extra hours.

See a demo of the first truly intelligent EHR, Uprise.



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