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2014 Meaningful Use for Optometrists by the Numbers

Posted by Sharon Chin on May 3, 2014 10:30:00 AM

If you’ve been keeping up with the timeline of Meaningful Use for optometrists, you would know that there are plenty of deadlines coming up this year. It might get a little confusing, so we created a little presentation to do a quick recap of what has happened with the program and to share some interesting statistics! Check it out!

Meaningful Use for Optometrists

Meaningful_Use_for_OptometristsIf you are new to Meaningful Use, you might be unfamiliar with some of the terms in the presentation. Here are some articles that might help:

Are you ready to get started with Meaningful Use? If you’ve been paying attention to the Slideshare, you would know that you’ll need a certified EHR regardless of what stage of the program you are in. Check out Uprise, Practice Management & EHR by VisionWeb. It’s our cloud-based practice management and EHR software, and it has complete certification for 2014 Meaningful Use.

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