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Meaningful Use for Optometrists: Stop Fearing these 2 Misconceptions

Posted by Sharon Chin on May 28, 2014 10:30:00 AM

You know all the Meaningful Use deadlines and you tell yourself, “I’ll get to it before the end of this year, just till I’m ready and prepared to participate!” Waiting till you’re prepared can’t be a bad thing, but unfortunately, many doctors still have fears about starting the program and wait till the last minute to register for Meaningful Use for optometrists.

We understand that it can be scary to get started if you don’t understand how the program works. Today, we go through two common misconceptions doctors have about getting started with the program, and hopefully, you’ll stop fearing the program and take the first step and register for the program.

Getting Started with Meaningful Use for Optometrists

Let’s start by seeing if these sound familiar to you.

Meaningful_Use_for_OptometristsIf those are your fears, you’d be surprised to know that the Meaningful Use Program doesn’t really work that way. Here’s how it actually works.

You don’t have to start reporting right after you register, so you should register as soon as you know that you’ll be participating in the program.

Registering for the program is easy. All you need is your National Provider Identifier Number, NPPES account, and PECOS account. You don’t have to start reporting when you complete registration, so we strongly recommend you register as soon as you have a plan to participate in the program.

Registering as soon as you know you’re going to participate allows you to check your eligibility before you begin. It will inform you of issues that could interfere with, or delay, your participation. You can then determine the start and end date of your reporting period (according to Stage 1 guidelines.) When you have completed your reporting period, you will be required to enter the dates of your reporting period during attestation.

As easy as registration is, you should only start reporting when you are ready, especially if you’re planning to start with a new EHR system. Your plan to begin should include a timeline for your staff to complete training so that everyone is using the EHR proficiently, not just the doctor or manager attesting.

If you realize that you need more time to work out the details, you can start reporting whenever you’re ready. If you are leaving a practice, or realize that you are unable to continue participating in the program, you can cancel your registration at any time. But keep in mind, that you will not receive any incentives unless you successfully complete your attestation.

Speaking of attestation, if it is unsuccessful, you can resubmit your attestation.

As soon as you submit your attestation you will find out immediately whether or not you have successfully met the core and menu objectives of the program. If attestation is unsuccessful, you can edit any information that was entered incorrectly and resubmit your attestation. You can also take time off to further prepare and resubmit for a different 90-day reporting period with new information.

To make sure that you attest successfully the first time, it’s important to go through the requirements of each core objective, menu objective, and clinical quality measure carefully, and make sure you complete those requirements during your reporting period.

Once you’ve completed your reporting period, attestation is easy! It’s as easy as taking a test when you already have the questions and answers! You simply fill in the blanks - numerator, denominator, yes or no – and your EHR should already have those numbers for you when you complete your reporting period. A good EHR software will provide a report on the measurable objectives to help with this and to monitor your progress along the way. It can, however, be time consuming to pull the information together.

Have we addressed the fears you may have about the program? Are you ready to register? If you are, head straight to the CMS website to get started. If you’re not, you might still be concerned about other aspects of the program. Check out our eBook where we debunk more misconceptions and keep you updated about the program.  


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