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Mini Guide: Optometry Software Implementation

Posted by Janelle Pauli on Aug 3, 2016 2:00:00 PM

Optometry software implementation can be a challenging time for many eyecare practices. Especially if you're making a change to processes and systems that have been in your practice for as long as you can remember and that your staff is so comfortable with. But, many practices face a lot of the same challenges when it comes time to implement new software.

You really need to start thinking about how new software is going to impact your team as a whole before you even make the decision to purchase. Getting your staff's buy in of a new system is one of the first steps that can lead to a more successful implementation. After you get your team on board there are a few other steps to take that can help ensure success, and that's why we put together this Mini Guide to help the manager in your office take control of your software implementation.Untitled_design_1.png

Ensure Optometry Software Implementation Success with This Mini Guide

Software implementation is going to be different for every practice, but there are a few common themes and hurdles that a lot of practices face when making the switch. This Mini Guide focuses on three important steps of the implementation process:

  • Getting Staff Buy In
  • Developing an Effective Implementation and Training Plan
  • Going Live with Your Software

Each of these steps in the process are different and require unique strategies to make sure that your practice is making the most of your new software. Not putting the time and effort in during implementation can result in frustration, decreased productivity, and poor ROI. So make sure that your team has what they need to be successful throughout the switch!

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