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Must Read Optometry Blog Posts from 2016

Posted by Jeff Rezabek on Dec 26, 2016 2:15:00 PM

As a trusted source of optometry related content, we continually focus on publishing optometry blog posts that you’ll not only love but learn something from. I think we hit that goal out of the park in 2016. Check out some of our top-read posts of 2016.

Our Favorite Optometry Blog Posts From 2016Read our most popular optometry blog posts of 2016

5 Optometry Software Features You Should be Loving

In order to maximize your optometric practice efficiency, you need to have the right tools, processes, and people. This Valentine’s Day themed post highlighted optometry software features and functionality that are essential for optimizing your office workflow.

How to Prep for Interviews in Your Optical Practice

Your staff reflects your practice and how you care for your patients. Unfortunately, it’s a challenge to always bring in staff that have the skills and personality needed to handle administrative work and deal with customer service aspects of the business efficiently. As you look for new staff members to bring on, if you’re not prepared, it could result in hiring the wrong person, or missing out on an all-star employee.

This post goes into what you need to prepare when conducting an interview.

4 Ways Your Office Workflow is Sabotaging Second Pair Sales

Online retailers are making it difficult to compete when it comes to frame sales. Sometimes, getting a patient to see the benefit of purchasing one pair of frames from you is difficult enough. Attempting to get your patient to purchase a second set of frames may seem impossible, but it’s not.

While second pair frames may be difficult to pitch, if your workflow is optimized for efficiency, then making that additional sale becomes more attainable. This post explains a few ways you can upgrade your workflow to create a strategy that will yield more frame sales.

Increasing Optical Practice Profits in 2016

In every optometry practice, the goal is the same, to increase sales by attracting more patients. But, to increase profits in your practice you need to know where you’re coming from. This post provides two powerful equations to calculate practice growth and offers advice if your practice falls short of the industry benchmarks.

6 Things You Should and Shouldn't be Doing on Social Media

When it comes to using social media to market your optical practice, there are a lot of best practices that you’ll have to test out to find a strategy that works best for your audience. But, there are a few basic things that every practice owner should and should not be doing on social media to promote their practice. This post covers three things your practice should be doing on social media and three things that you should be doing.


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