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[New eBook] Optimizing Your Workflow with Optometry Software

Posted by Sharon Chin on Feb 28, 2015 10:30:00 AM

Think you have your workflow figured out? Or does the thought of it leave you feeling frustrated? Either way, there are many ways to optimize a workflow and we’re here to share all the tips and tricks in our latest eBook, Optimizing Your Workflow with Optometry Software.

How to Use Optometry Software to Increase Practice Efficiency

If you are still using paper charts or a combination of different electronic tools that don't talk to each other, you are missing out on major opportunities to heighten your practice's efficiency from patient management to billing and checkout.The more processes you have, electronic or manual, the more cumbersome and disjointed your workflow becomes.

The idea is to streamline your practice’s workflow by consolidating a variety of processes into one system. The best practice management and EHR systems come packed with tools that drive efficiency throughout your practice.

Optimizing a practice’s workflow is no small task. In this eBook, we’ve broken it down by these different stages: front office, pre-exam, exam, optical, and billing. 

As we go through each stage of your workflow, we’ll highlight key functionality and best practices that you can utilize to streamline your workflow. Download our eBook and find out how!

For more helpful workflow advice, download the latest Uprise e-book!


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