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Tips for ODs Who Hate to Sell

Posted by Madhu Singh on Jan 28, 2019 11:45:00 AM

We understand that being a salesperson doesn't come naturally to everyone. In fact, many ODs might not be upselling, cross-selling, or promoting their dispensary's products because they're not used to delivering sales messages.

However, we see selling the right products for the right patients as part of the ODs role in educating their patients. Although your optician does the heavy lifting when it comes to frame fittings and closing sales, the process starts in the exam room with the diagnosis.

If your practice includes an optical dispensary, you should have a strong grasp on effective sales techniques.  Keep reading to dispel any hesitations about promoting sales from the exam room.

Why ODs Should Promote Their Frames to Patients

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Consider the patients' needs over the needs of the practice. You won't feel like a salesman if you're simply educating a patient on why they might need a certain type of product to fulfill their medical requirements. When you recommend the patient products, take into account their lifestyle and show them why certain accessories or extra requirements can help them live comfortably.

For example, patients who work outdoors with dust, wind, or water might be more comfortable wearing contact lenses over glasses. Also, if your patients stare at a computer screen or the sun most of the day, they could benefit from extra UVA/UVB coating and blue light blocking lenses.

Offer Solutions

Sometimes, your patient should purchase from your dispensary because it's the best option for them. If your patient's mobility is limited, it saves them energy to buy their products from you while they're already there for the exam. Also, you can offer to ship the product to them for a discounted charge. Similarly, purchasing from your practice is more convenient for patients with busy schedules or those who live far from the city. It is up to you, their optometrist, to suggest the best options for their needs.

Use Your Judgment

Your patients trust your judgment as their doctor. They may feel overwhelmed when it comes to shopping for frames and lenses online or outside your practice. The best way for you to ensure they receive a product that will function well for them is for your dispensary to handle the sale. Focus on the benefits you offer such as bundle deals, complimentary fit adjustments, and any warranty or excellent return policies.

Ultimately, you're leaving the choice to the patient. The optometrist can just help patients make medically informed decisions that aren't solely fueled by cost-cutting or personal preference.

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