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On Demand Webinar: Documenting Glaucoma with EHR Software

Posted by Janelle Pauli on Oct 10, 2016 2:34:00 PM

In the last episode of Dr. Lane's EHR Coaching Webinar Series, he demonstrates how EHR software will help you document diagnosis and treatment of open angle glaucoma. In case you weren't able to catch the live series, we wanted to make sure you could access the webinar to watch on demand. 

EHR software can be a powerful tool for your practice if used to its fullest potential. But, if you aren't using it the right way or taking advantage of all the features you might not be seeing all the benefits of enhanced patient care. Check out the webinar for yourself and learn some new ways that the right EHR software can help you increase the patient experience. 

Watch the Webinar

Next Steps: Shopping for EHR Software

After seeing the webinar you might be more interested in getting into
the market for new EHR software EHR Software Buying Guideas you realize your current system has some gaps that could be hurting the patient experience in your practice. To help you get prepared at looking into new software systems we have two great resources that will help you get into the software buying game.

The Ultimate Practice Management and EHR Software Buying Guide

In this guide you'll get templates and examples that will help you assess your practice's unique needs, the different types of technology on the market, and how to evaluate solutions based on total cost of ownership of each system. Plus, we've included a 9 page evaluation kit that you can use during the evaluation process.

Download Your Copy of The Buying Guide

The Essential List of Questions to Ask Any Practice Management & EHR Vendor

In this eBook, we've listed all of the essential questions you should ask every software vendor you talk to about practice management and EHR for your practice. That way you can really understand exactly what you are and aren't buying, before you hand over your credit card. You'll get a list of over 50 questions to ask on a variety of topics from your practice needs, technology, system comprehensiveness, EHR functionality, tools and integrations, training, support, and costs.

Download The Essential List of Questions

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