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4 Benefits of Switching To Cloud Based EHR

Posted by Jeff Rezabek on Oct 4, 2017 3:48:00 PM

Cloud technology is being leveraged across every industry, including the eye care industry. However, while ODs have used the cloud for lab ordering and claims management, many ODs are holding their practice back by refusing to use cloud based EHR software despite the numerous benefits. In this post, we identify how a cloud based EHR can improve your optometric practice.

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Cloud Based Technology

Tips To Retool Your Optometric Practice With Modern Optometry Software

Posted by Jeff Rezabek on Oct 2, 2017 3:43:00 PM

With all of the changes happening in the eye care industry, your practice needs to make the necessary changes to stay relevant in the evolving market. While your practice’s legacy practice management and EHR solution may have worked for you in the past, it may not provide you with enough features and functionality to compete in today’s market.

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How To Use A Patient Recall System Effectively To Communicate With Your Patients

Posted by Jeff Rezabek on Sep 30, 2017 11:25:00 AM

A good patient recall system and message can give your optometric practice the ability make valuable connections with your patients to keep your patient schedule full. In today’s post, we’ll provide tips on how you can optimize your patient recall strategy to fill your office schedule.

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Tips for ECPs, Optometric Practice Management

Is Innovation Dead In The Eye Care Industry?

Posted by Denise Deverelle Crown on Sep 27, 2017 3:30:00 PM

I love a field trip. Going to visit optometric practices is the best part of my job.

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It’s Time For Smart EHR Software

Posted by Denise Deverelle Crown on Sep 25, 2017 3:23:00 PM

These days, most optometrists use EHR software. In fact, 80% of the market has one. Initially, an EHR attempted to replace paper, and that was a great help to make data easily searchable, and reduce the physical area paper files take up. Optomaps and other devices that allow your practice to generate revenue have replaced the bank of filing cabinets.

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