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Practice Management for Optometrists: 6 Marketing Tips for ODs

Posted by Janelle Pauli on Dec 5, 2013 12:00:00 PM
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Independent optometrists know the importance of building and maintaining a loyal customer base. And having a good marketing strategy for your practice is a great way to build awareness and credibility for your practice to help you gain and maintain new customers. So we've got a few practice management and marketing tips for you and your practice from our Director of Marketing, Heather Smith.

Practice Management for Optometrists:
6 Marketing Tips to Help You Attain More Customers

Practice management for optometrists1. Marketing Should be Fun

If you aren't having fun with your marketing, it isn't going to be any good. Often times, especially in healthcare, businesses get nervous that showing their personality or having a little fun could come across as unprofessional. This can cause practices to shy away from using marketing platforms like social media. But the truth is, consumers want to feel engaged, and good marketing will make them feel that way.

2. Look Outside of Your Industry

Don't box yourself in. When it comes to marketing, no one wants to be doing what everyone else is already doing. So be different! Looking outside of optical for marketing ideas is a great exercise!

3. Don't Limit Yourself

Online and offline media are both important aspects of a marketing strategy. And the reality today is that more and more consumers are spending time online. The Internet is a big convenience for consumers, and it's expected that they can find a website for your business. But traditional forms of communication are just as important and should not be replaced with only an online presence.

4. Be Where Your Patients ArePractice Management for Opticians

These days there are a ton of differenct social media platforms that your practice can be present on. But they are only important if your patients are a part of the community, allowing you to share information and put in the effort into maintaining a consistent presence. So only use the platforms that fit with your practice, because social media is only good if you're being social and interactive. If your patients aren't on Twitter, why should you be?

5. Don't be Afraid to Try Something New

There is nothing more boring for consumers than seeing the same thing over and over. So it's important to always think of innovative and new ways to be reaching the market. What can you do for your patients that others can't, and how can you portray that information in a new and exciting way? Remember that bit about looking outside of your industry? Here's where that comes into play!

6. Stop Focusing on Yourself

Marketing used to be all about generating as many impressions as you could by blasting information until it sticks. Today, it's all about making meaningful engagements and creating lasting impressions. Consumers today are immune to "Look at me! Look at me!" marketing messages. To gain the attention of consumers, businesses now have to stop focusing on themselves and focus more on the customer. Businesses need to be more accessible, more engaged, and offer up content that consumers can use.




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