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Preparing for Trade Show Success: Tips from Frames Data

Posted by Janelle Pauli on Mar 16, 2016 10:30:00 AM

With The Vision Source Exchange this week and Vision Expo East coming up in less than a month, now is the perfect time to share these tips from our friends at Frames Data to prepare you for attending your next big show. If it's been a while since you've been to a show, or if this is your first time, don't go unprepared!

How to Prep for Trade Show Success

Trade shows are an important chance for you to nurture relationships with your vendors. It is also your opportunity to shine as a representative of your dispensary. That's why it's important that you take some time to carefully plan your trip. Some advance planning can help make your experience less stressful, and more successful. Here's a handy check list of things you should do before and even after a show that will help you get started:

At Least 1 Month Before the Show

  • Book your flight and hotel - Don't leave this for the last minute! The last thing you want is to be inconvenienced by a hotel that is far away from the venue or an overpriced plane ticket.

2 Weeks Before the Show

  • Drop off dry cleaning - When attending meetings and networking events, you want to look your best. Have your suit dry cleaned and pressed.
  • Schedule meetings - Be sure to reach out to everyone you'll need to meet with at the show. Set aside a date, time, and place for your meeting and get it on your calendar. 

1 Week Before the Showpreparing for vision expo east

  • Tickets and vouchers - Be sure to print and pack your plane tickets and hotel vouchers. You don't want any related mishaps before the show even begins. At least two days before your flight, confirm with the airline and hotel that your reservation hasn't changed. 
  • Pick up dry cleaning - Make sure everything you sent to the dry cleaners came back in order. 
  • Trade show badge - Your badge is your key to the show. Be sure to have it with you when you're packing up. If you're picking it up at the venue, come a little early before the show opens to grab it at the desk.
  • Map your route - Trade shows tend to be huge venues with a million things going on at the same time. It's easy to get lost or distracted. Check out the show's official website for a map of participating exhibitors, and pin down the booths you want to make stops at. Map your route so you have an easy way to get from point A to point B.
  • List of booths to visit - Stepping foot in the trade show for the first time can be overwhelming. Having a list of booths you'd like to see will help you remember everything you wanted to accomplish.  
  • Pack your essentials - You have to be prepared for anything during the show. Here's a list of essentials you shouldn't leave behind.
    • Small bag - Bring a small bag with you when you head over to the venue to store all of your essentials. 
    • Itinerary - Keep of schedule or your meetings and list of booths you want to  visit, either on your phone or day planner, so you don't miss anything important.
    • Business cards - If you're going to be attending meetings and networking it's important that you have your contact information to hand out. Keep a whole stack on you and make the most of those new connections. 
    • Pen and paper - You never know when you'll want to write something down. Maybe a name, number, or booth to visit.
    • Healthy snacks - Just like needing to stay hydrated, you need to have some healthy snacks on hand in case you're too busy for a full meal. 
    • Portable cell charger - Depending on how much you rely on your cell phone, you may find your battery drained midway through the day. Invest in a portable charger to keep your phone alive the whole time.
    • Mints - Networking means you meet a lot of people, and of course you want to give the best first impression. Be sure to have a pack of mints you can pop into your mouth after taking lunch or snacking.
    • Tissues - Always a necessity when you're out and about!
    • Tide to-go pen - Accidents happen! But this miracle marker lets you erase that sloppy food stain on your shirt. 
    • Lip balm - Event halls can get really dry and it's only a matter of time before you feel your lips start to chap. To avoid feeling uncomfortable, carry some lip balm on you.
    • Receipt envelope - Chances are if you're attending for business, you will need to submit an expense report. Collect all of your receipts in one place for easy filing. 
    • Contact numbers - If you're travelling with a group, keep their contact information in your cell. Just in case you get lost or separated.
    • Petty cash - You never know when you'll need cash for emergencies, or for tipping. Keep some on you to avoid those ATM fees.
    • Extra bag - If you plan to do a lot of buying on the spot, make sure you have a way to haul your new inventory around. 

At The Show

  • Hydrate - The worst thing you can do at the show is not drink water. It's important to keep hydrated, especially when you're spending most of your day on your feet. Plan to buy a bottle to carry with you at the show.
  • Big healthy breakfast - If you're not a breakfast person, a trade show might be the time to pick up this morning habit. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it prepares your body for the long day ahead. Fill up with a nutrient rich, high protein breakfast, and avoid sugary treats that can lead to a dreaded sugar crash. 

After The Show

  • Expense report - Don't wait to file your report so you can get reimbursed quickly!
  • Touch base with new connections - Maintain relationships with the new people you've met. Maybe send a quick email to recap what happened at the show, or to share your contact info. 
  • Evaluate - Get together with your colleagues and determine what parts of the experience were successful, could be improved, or could be eliminated entirely. Take notes and reivew them prior to planning your next show. 

Looking for more tips and advice like this? Head on over to the Frames Data Blog!

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