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Problems That Uprise Can Fix In Your Optometric Practice

Posted by Jeff Rezabek on Sep 20, 2017 3:35:00 PM

When there is a problem with your patient’s vision, you work to identify the problem and provide a solution. In most cases, their vision can be corrected with proper lenses. But, problems in the optometric practice often go uncorrected due to fear of change and the workload of the practice. Fortunately, some of the common challenges that an optometric practice faces can be resolved with the use of a cloud-based practice management and EHR solution, like Uprise.

Below are 3 ways that Uprise can solve common problems in your optometric practice.

3 Ways Uprise Can Solve Problems in Your Optometric Practice

Patient EngagementHow Uprise can fix problems in your optometric practice.

Communication typically decreases once a patient leaves your practice. However, there are many instances where you need to continue communication with your patients to ensure proper care. With a cloud-based practice management and EHR solution, like Uprise, you can keep communication lines open for your patients by giving them access to a patient portal where you can send and receive secure messages with your patients, view patient education materials, and review medical records to enhance patient engagement.


In an optometric practice, time is money. Having the ability to see as many patients as you can while enhancing patient care will help you increase revenue while maintaining a positive reputation from your patients. However, if your practice is using outdated optometry software or a solution that doesn’t align with your needs, then you may be adding more work for you and your staff to maintain the quality of care.

With Uprise, your practice gets access to tools and features that streamline your office workflow so your practice can work more efficiently.


Most optometric practices are challenged with repetitive, manual data entry. While documenting a patient’s journey through the workflow is vital for practices, most of the information entered is the same from earlier. When your staff has to continuously enter repetitive data throughout a patient’s chart, errors can be made which can be difficult to spot and cause issues when it comes time for collecting claim reimbursements.

Uprise comes with clinical decision support, which enables you to make a single entry during the annotation phase of the exam and automatically populates the diagnosis, treatments, orders, special testing, and patient education materials based on best practices. Additionally, features in Uprise can be used to more rapidly document the exam and ensure proper codes are recorded for compliance.

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