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Social Media for Optometrists: Finding Content for Your Business Page

Posted by Janelle Pauli on Jul 16, 2018, 10:00:00 AM

By now you understand that a strong presence on social media platforms keeps your optometry practice relevant to your younger patient base. But as an independent eyecare practice you might not have all of the time, or resources, to constantly stay on top of a social media presence for your practice.

Although it can be a time consuming challenge to find information that will be relevant and interesting to your followers, it's definitely one worth investing in. We put together a few resources and ideas below that will help you curate content for your practice's social media pages.

Let's start with a few statistics to show you the power of social media:social media for optometrists

  • 95% of millennials expect brands to have a Facebook Page.
    • On top of that, 87% of Gen X (30-44 year olds), and even 70% of those aged 45-60 think brands should have a Facebook Page.
  • 41% of people said social media would affect their choice of a specific doctor, hospital, or medical facility.
  • 60% of doctors say social media improves the quality of care delivered to patients.

Consumers want to do business with people and companies that they like and can relate to. Social media is your space to develop a voice that builds relationships by providing information that is valuable, informative, relatable, and funny.

Social Media for Optometrists: 7 Ideas for Finding Content for Your Social Media Pages


All About Vision launched in 2000 to provide consumers with an independent source for trustworthy information on eye health and vision correction. You'll find sharable articles here from topics like contact lenses, LASIK, frames, conditions, children's vision, and everything in between. Sometimes tweeting a link or even retweeting from All About Vision's twitter page will get conversations going. Reading about trends in the eyecare industry can spark your own content or blog ideas that you could add to your website or ask as a poll on your twitter.

The Optical Vision Site and Optical Vision Resources

The Optical Vision Site and Optical Vision Resources have information that is good for both you and your patients. Their posts will help you with marketing your practice, much like our blog here on Uprise. They also include updates and listicles on eyewear brands that your patients will find interesting and entertaining. 

If you post staff recommendations on Facebook or Instagram, you could refer to these websites to find a new brand or new frame to highlight.

Follow Other Practice Pages

Network with your peers that you went to school with and follow their practice's Facebook pages. It's a great way to see what other practice's are doing to interact with their patients on social media, and you'll be able to share information easily with each other. 

Also, when you post on your own Facebook page, you can put put money behind your posts and gain a larger audience for your effective content. Facebook has the option of boosting content to target lookalike audiences, which means you can choose to target the users who have "liked" other optometry practices' pages.

Your Team

Here's a few quick ideas that we have to get the wheels turning during team brainstorm sessions:

  • Weekly OD Q&A with common patient questions about different eye related topics
  • Highlight different employees in your practice
  • Have one of your opticians select a "frame of the week"
  • Show patient before and after photos of new glasses
  • Share a patient success story
  • Share information about local community events
  • Celebrate birthdays and anniversaries
  • Holiday hours, specials, and discounts

Outsource ($)

If you just don't have the time or resources to manage your social media marketing, you can look at paid options for outsourcing. There are many different options out there in a range of prices, so do your research, know your budget, and definitely monitor your engagement throughout the months. You might also hire a social media consultant to get you on the right track before you start managing your accounts yourself.

DBA Designs & Communication ($)

On top of getting help with your social media, dba designs and communications can help with your website and other marketing initiatives for your practice as well. An up-to-date, sleek website is completely essential in today's technological landscape.



Editor's Note: This post was originally published on March 30, 2015. It has been updated for relevance and richness of content on July 16th, 2018

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