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The Dangers of a Click-heavy EHR Software

Posted by Jeff Rezabek on Jun 28, 2017 2:57:00 PM

For an EHR software to be effective, it has to fit into your optometric practice and work with your office workflow. Unfortunately, an EHR that requires too many clicks to guide your patient through the exam will frustrate you, your patient, and potentially threaten your bottom line.

In this post, we explore the dangers that a click-heavy EHR software solution can have on you and your patients.

How a Clunky EHR Software Affects Your Practice

Increased OD BurnoutHow a click-heavy EHR software affects your optometric practice.

The first step in administering quality care is to closely listen to the patient to identify what they are experiencing. Unfortunately, when the OD has to turn their back on a patient to click around a screen and document the interaction, they may miss important information.

Because of all the data entry required for the exam, ODs have to turn their back numerous times to document their findings. When the OD is using an EHR solution that needs excessive clicks to document the exam accurately, it takes a large amount of time away from the patient. In an attempt to limit the number of distractions, ODs often wait until after the exam for documentation or take their work home with them in the evening; resulting in burnout.

An EHR with documentation assistance can reduce the number of clicks required during the exam. With features like clinical decision support, preset value buttons, a slider tool, and more, you can limit the distracting clicks and focus your attention on the patient.

Decreased Patient Satisfaction

To run a successful optometric practice, you need your patients to trust that you will offer them your undivided attention and provide optimal care. However, a click-heavy EHR software could damage your patient-doctor relationship and result in negative reviews.

With a modern EHR software that’s designed to allow you to spend less time clicking around and more time interacting with your patient, you can build relationships with the patient and improve the quality of care.

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