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Tips To Retool Your Optometric Practice With Modern Optometry Software

Posted by Jeff Rezabek on Oct 2, 2017 3:43:00 PM

With all of the changes happening in the eye care industry, your practice needs to make the necessary changes to stay relevant in the evolving market. While your practice’s legacy practice management and EHR solution may have worked for you in the past, it may not provide you with enough features and functionality to compete in today’s market.

But, switching optometry software can be a major undertaking if you’re not partnering with the right vendor to assist you in the transition. So, how do your retool your optometric practice? This post reveals the three key strategies for successfully switching to a new piece of software.

3 Tips For Replacing Your Optometry Software

Secure Buy-in3 Tips For Replacing Your Optometry Software

Making the switch to different software without getting buy-in from your staff could be catastrophic for your practice. Because there are many different components in an optometric practice, if you remove technology that your staff uses, then you may lose their trust and even cause some to leave your practice.

When you solicit staff buy-in, you get the opportunity to make a group decision based on all of the requirements so that you can better improve your practice while meeting the needs of everyone involved.

Understand Data

Whether you’re coming from a paper-based solution or another practice management and EHR when you make the switch to a new solution you’re going to have to transfer patient data. But, how much data do you need to migrate to the new solution? Working with your provider and their partners can help you identify the important data and ensure that the new solution is accurately recording and storing future data.

Highlight Training

A big contributor to resisting the change to a new practice management and EHR solution is the fear of learning a new system while still caring for the patients in your practice. However, if your new vendor has a training program in place, then you and your staff can quickly learn to use the new solution effectively without affecting the quality of patient care that you deliver.

To get the most out of the vendor’s training program:

  • Utilize all of their training resources
  • Break up the training into bite-sized pieces
  • Establish a training champion

Is your practice looking to upgrade your optometry software? Download, "The Complete Guide On Upgrading To Modern Optometry Software" for tips on how to effectively migrate. 

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