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Top Productivity Posts To Get Your Optometric Practice Running Again

Posted by Jeff Rezabek on Jan 15, 2018 3:55:00 PM

The end of the year is usually busy for many optometric practices. Once the new year comes, your patient schedules may slow down a bit, giving you and your optometric practice staff a chance to recover. But, when it's time to pick up the pace again, you may find it difficult for you and your team to be productive and focus on growing the practice.

If your practice is struggling to return to a productive state following some needed rest, or you just have a real case of the Mondays, follow these tips from our top posts on practice productivity.

3 Optometric Practice Productivity Posts

Utilize Productivity ToolsUse these 3 tips to increase the productivity in your optometric practice.

If you or your staff are having trouble staying focused and performing, you’re not alone. Distractions are everywhere, and inefficient solutions threaten your practice's output. Luckily, there are online tools that can be implemented to improve communication, increase productivity, and encourage a work-life balance.

Check out these 8 online tools for a more productive office workflow.

Implement New Strategies

A change in routine can give you and your staff the energy you need to increase productivity. Some modifications to the way your practice operates may help you stay focused and optimize your time to get more done throughout the day and see more patients without decreasing the quality of care that you administer. A change in routine may also boost employee morale and decrease turnover rates.

To keep your optometric practice focused, try implementing some of these strategies.

Eliminate Inefficiencies

The optometry world has changed. Outdated processes that were once the norm have been challenged and replaced with solutions that are more streamlined. However, there are still some practices that are hurting optometric workflows by using old-school methods.

Appointment books, spreadsheets, and constant phone calls are slowing your optometric practice down. Eliminate inefficiencies to allow your staff to focus on the work that matters.

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