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[Infographic] Tips For Improving Your Optometric Practice Word-of-mouth Marketing Strategy

Posted by Jeff Rezabek on May 28, 2018 3:11:00 PM

Word-of-mouth marketing can be one of the most effective marketing strategies for your optometric practice. According to this infographic from IMPACT, 92% of people believe brand recommendations from friends. Unfortunately getting your patients to promote your practice can be challenging.

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Infographic: Which EHR Software Technology is the Right Fit for You?

Posted by Janelle Pauli on Feb 24, 2016 10:00:00 AM

When it comes to shopping for practice management and EHR software for your eyecare practice, you're going to be overwhelmed with all of the different options out on the market. One quick way to start narrowing down your choices is to figure out which type of technology is the right fit for your eyecare practice.

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Infographic: The Growth of EHR Software Implementation

Posted by Janelle Pauli on Jan 23, 2016 10:00:00 AM

EHR software adoption has been increasing as the years go on. While it can be a challenging thing for any healthcare specialty to take on, there are a lot of benefits that follow a successful implementation. Today's guest post and infographic comes from The Ohio University MHA Program, and shows you how healthcare as a whole is adopting EHR along with 9 steps for a successful implementation. 

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Online Optical Marketing: Understanding the Mystery of Local Search

Posted by Janelle Pauli on Dec 2, 2015 10:00:00 AM

It's time to dig in and get your hands on understanding search engine optimization and the important role that it plays in marketing your eyecare practice. You need your practice to be visible online, and you want to be seen before your local competition. When potential patients are searching for things like local optometrist, or family eyecare practice in Omaha you want your practice to be listed at the very top of their search. So what do you have to do to help your practice rank high?  

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How to Fake Your Way Through a Conversation about Cloud-Based EHR

Posted by Kate Nabinger on Jun 25, 2014 10:30:00 AM

Everyone has had the uncomfortable experience of being part of a conversation discussing an unfamiliar topic. You have three choices: First, you could admit defeat and confess you have no idea what the conversation is about. Your second option is to excuse yourself and quickly read the Wikipedia article on your smartphone, desperately hoping you can retain some information and not revert back to option one. Or, your third choice is to fake it until you make it. We are addressing option three, specifically in regards to cloud-based EHR.

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