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3 Ways Optometry Software Will Improve Your Office Workflow

Posted by Jeff Rezabek on Jul 10, 2017 2:32:00 PM

To get a steady stream of patients moving throughout your practice, you need to have an optimized office workflow. To achieve an optimized workflow, your practice needs a team of qualified staff members and modern optometry software with features that accelerate the workflow without risking the quality of patient care.

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Cloud Based Technology, Optometry Software

Can Your Optometry Software Be Your Secret To Improving Patient Care?

Posted by Jeff Rezabek on Jul 3, 2017 3:10:00 PM

Technology plays a significant role in our life. Yet, in the optometry community, many practices are still relying on paper charts or server-based optometry solutions to track and document a patient’s journey through the practice. While you and your staff may be comfortable using your server-based EHR or paper charts, your patients may be the ones affected by the lack of innovation in your optometric practice.

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Cloud Based Technology, Optometry Software

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5 Signs Your Office Workflow Needs a Tune-up

Posted by Jeff Rezabek on Jul 1, 2017 1:17:00 PM

An efficient office workflow can lead to an increase in patients and profits. Unfortunately, there are many things in an optometric practice that can impede your ability to optimize your office workflow. This post explains how you can tell if your office workflow is delaying your practice’s ability to move patients through the appointment effectively and how you can improve it.

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EHR Software, Optometry Software

Is Your Optometry Software Impeding Your Office Workflow?

Posted by Jeff Rezabek on Jun 7, 2017 2:15:00 PM

An inefficient office workflow can be a sign of broken processes throughout the practice. But sometimes it’s not you, it’s your optometric practice software. There are times when your practice is doing everything correctly, but your optometric practice software fails to perform in ways that you need to move your patients through the office workflow quickly enough.

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Practice Management, Optometry Software

5 Office Workflow Mistakes That Destroy Productivity

Posted by Jeff Rezabek on Jun 3, 2017 10:21:00 AM

A loss in productivity can result in increased staff frustration, patient turnover, and a decrease in profits. Unfortunately, many optometric practices are making critical mistakes that are slowing down their office workflow and hampering productivity.

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Optometry Software, Cloud-Based EHR