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VisionWeb Designs Optometric Software To Improve Lens Ordering

Posted by Jeff Rezabek on Apr 1, 2017 1:22:00 PM

At Vision Expo East, you’re guaranteed to gain invaluable insight in optimizing your practice and be the first to hear about the latest technologies to disrupt the competition and slingshot your practice into the space-age. This year is proving to be no different.

In a time where patients want stylish, quality frames delivered quickly, we found that many practices in rural areas couldn’t deliver on these measures. Then, we stumbled on a brilliant idea. What if you could send lens orders through the air, without ever picking up the phone. Better yet, what if they came back with the correct prescription and the correct coating? What if you didn’t need to double check with the OD, or try to decipher poor penmanship? It’s totally possible now.

Introducing The Latest Advancement in Optometric Software

VisionWeb uses modern optometric software to improve lens ordering.

The forward-thinking crew at VisionWeb went to work to brainstorm possible methods for sending lens orders through the air. After a brief, failed test with paper airplanes, the team hatched a scientific experiment to identify the best method.

In a yearlong study conducted by the VisionWeb team, a flock of 50 carrier pigeons were released to distribute lens orders. At the same time, VisionWeb flipped the switch to allow online lens ordering to occur.

“Our thought was simple. By relying on the internet to send orders, we could use the series of tubes to ensure that accurate information was going directly to the labs. I think we hit the nail on the head,” said lead VisionWeb researcher. “To get this idea to take flight, we needed the backing of industry experts and cooperation from ODs who were eager to use modern optometric software.”

At the end of the year, many pigeons didn’t return. And, in one test, 5 pigeons only made it as far as the P. Terry’s parking lot. The online portal, however, had far greater success:

“I was astonished that we were able to get over 20,000 eyecare professionals to use the online lab ordering portal to process over 15 million orders. Can you image how many pigeons we would need to come close to that number? This is an accurate, scalable solution. Using the internet as a vehicle for optometrists to send product orders is going to be the wave of the future.”

For ODs who fear advancements in the eyecare industry, VisionWeb had this to say:

“While technology is going to continue to disrupt the marketplace and put pressure on independent eyecare professionals, I think it’s important to remember that through quality products, reasonable pricing, and proper patient education, the independent eyecare professionals can make just as much noise as the industry disrupters.”


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