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Why Your Patients will be Happy You're Using EHR Software

Posted by Janelle Pauli on Feb 29, 2016 10:30:00 AM
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We talk all the time about how practice management and EHR software is going to save your practice time, make your workflow more efficient, and boost your overall revenue, but we don't spend as much time talking about why even your patients will enjoy the benefits of your modern software. And ultimately, if your patients are loving on your software, it's just another reason why you'll love it too.

6 Reasons Your Patients will be Happy You're Using EHR Software

The Patient Portal

Patient portals are probably the greatest benefit that your patients will get from your EHR. Portals can provide your patients with a range of things like:

  • A Message Center. Patients can access important information like lab results, educational materials, treatment instructions, and securely send questions to the provider.
  • Schedule Appointments. Easily request follow up visits without picking up the phone.
  • Pre-Appointment Paperwork. Allows patients to spend less time filing out paperwork in your office. 

More Accurate InfoEHR software

EHR software that is equipped with things like clinical decision support will assist you in providing the most accurate diagnosis, treatment, orders, testing, and patient materials. These types of tools help you do your job well, and make you a more knowledgeable, reliable, and trustworthy souce of information. Electronic information also allows you to easily search and filter through patient info quickly to get patients the answers to their latest questions.

Coordinated Care

EHR software makes it easier for doctors across specialties to share patient information. This helps your patients from having to repeat information when flipping between doctors. The ability to easily share information with other providers makes collaboration easier, and provides more comprehensive care for the patient.  


Practice management and EHR software provides overall convenience for patients with things like online scheduling tools, reduced wait times, and quicker appointments. Automatic reminders built into the system can help patients manage their care with follow up appointments and routine visits that previously could be ignored or forgotten. 

Easy Education

If the EHR has access to patient education tools you'll be able to provide these materials to your patients during and after their appointments. During the exam, after you make a diagnosis, you can find educational material such as videos and instructions that you can share face to face with your patients, or send that information to your patients via the patient portal for them to look back on after the appointment. 

Fewer Billing Errors

Manual processes of any sort, like manual billing, are prone to more frequent errors. If you're using a practice management and EHR software that also allows you to manage your claims and billing processes, you're probably going to reduce the amount of errors that occur compared to performing all of your billing tasks manually. Claims are processed quickly, and fewer errors will mean fewer rejections. 

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