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Cloud Computing in Eyecare: Why You'll Fall In Love With The Cloud

Posted by Janelle Pauli on Feb 22, 2014 10:00:00 AM

You may be on the fence about jumping on the cloud technology bandwagon, and that's ok. Investing in a new practice management and EHR software is a big investment and requires a lot of research and thought before making a decision, one way or the other. But seeing as how this is the month of love, we thought we'd talk about 5 reasons you might just fall in love with cloud computing in eyecare.

Cloud Computing in Eyecare:
5 Reasons to Fall in Love with Being in the Cloud


Data security, especially in healthcare, is an important topic. And many of you might question security when it comes to moving your practice management and EHR software to the cloud. But you should know, cloud vendors wouldn't be in business today if they couldn't keep your data safe. Cloud vendors have more secure data centers than what you could likely provide for security on a server in your office. They have the technical background to provide top of the line cyber security, along with physical controls to make sure that your data is kept safe. 

Cost-Efficiencycloud computing in optical

There are a lot of costs associated with software and technology. So when it comes to big investments for your practice, saving a few pennies here or there can add up big time! Compared to having to pay for an on-site server to store all of your data, which also must be maintained and secured, the cloud can be a cost efficient option. Cloud service vendors are in charge of hosting and managing your servers for you, so you won't need to worry about having all of the IT knowledge to maintain them in your own practice, or spending the money to outsource those needs to an IT consultant.

Another cost-efficient benefit to cloud technology is that you don't need to purchase and install software on each computer in order to access your system. So when new, updated versions of the system roll out, you won't have to spend more money purchasing the latest updates for each computer. Since cloud-based systems are accessed via the Internet, the latest updates to the system are automated, and won't cost you a penny.


As a small business you're going to go through changes. Some expected, and some unexpected. Cloud-based technology helps make changes to your staff easier. Scalability to cloud-based software is only going to require new usernames and log in information, not another software purchase for additional new employees.

cloud computing in opticalBad Weather Days

Many of you probably live in parts of the country where weather can affect your commute to work (even here in sunny Austin, TX we had a few weather delays this year)! In the event that you get stuck at home due to weather, if you're using a cloud-based system, you'll still be able to access everything that you'd need! Since you access your system from the Internet, and not from a device where the software needs to be installed, you can reach your system from any device with a compatible web browser and Internet connection.


Cloud-based software will also provide more flexibility for your office. With most cloud-based systems, you'll have the freedom to choose your device - desktop, laptop, iPad, or Android tablet. As an OD, would it make your day-to-day tasks more efficient if you were able to carry a tablet around your office instead of logging in and out of computers in each exam room? Cloud-based software would give you the flexibility of choosing which device would work best with your workflow.  

Want to learn more about the cloud? Check out our eBook, Rise Up to The Cloud - Cloud Computing in Eyecare!

Cloud Computing in Eyecare


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